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Where to Stay in Tupiza

When travelling to Tupiza, you will not have any trouble finding affordable accommodation for couples, families, and solo travellers.

For those seeking accommodation on the high end, El Grano de Oro Hotel is by far your best choice. For a midrange room there are numerous options including Hotel La Torre. Refugio del Turista is ideal for those on a budget. Hotel Mithru offers a great option for families with its pool and other on-site amenities.

Tupiza offers a great variety of places to stay in terms of price and luxury-level, proximity to city life, and suitability for types of travellers. In this article, I’ve tried to cover all the available lodgings in the town, broken down by price, location, and type, as well as provide descriptions of the highlights and amenities of each accommodation.

Where to Stay in Tupiza
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How Much Does it Cost to Stay in Tupiza?

While the prices of lodging in Tupiza can vary, this does not mean that you should worry about being priced out of your desired location. Since it is such small city, even if you cannot afford the room in the exact hotel you were eyeing, odds are you can find a room in a less expensive hotel or hostel either on the same block or with a few blocks.


Though they are more expensive on average than hostels or guesthouses, even the nicest room in the nicest hotel in Tupiza will not cause you to break into the triple digits. So, if you are looking for splurge a bit, here are the breakdowns of the costs to stay at the more pricey hotels in the city, paired with cheaper nearby alternatives in case the location appeals to you but not so much the price.

El Grano De Oro HotelAvenida Pedro Arraya, Tupiza, Bolivia

  • $50 for a superior double room with a king bed, including private bathroom, balcony, and mountain view
  • $57 for an economy triple with three twin beds, terrace, additional bathroom, and patio
  • $66 for a family room with one twin bed, one queen bed, private bathroom, and patio
  • $25 for a single room with a twin bed, private bathroom, and patio

Cheaper alternatives: Hostal Valle Hermoso and Hostal Valle Hermoso II are each about a block away from El Grano de Oro. They offer rooms for two, with balconies and private bathrooms as options, in the range of $20-28.

Hotel MitruAv. Chichas 187, 9999 Tupiza, Bolivia

  • $59 to $70 for a superior family room with air conditioning and a private bathroom
  • $58 for a superior triple room with air conditioning, three full beds, and private bathroom
  • $40 to $52 for a superior double room with air conditioning, a queen bed, a private bathroom, and a terrace.
  • $35 for a double standard room with a full bed and a private bathroom
  • $26 for an economy double or twin room with a shared bathroom and a terrace

Cheaper alternative: Hotel La Torre is about a block away and offers double rooms, with or without private bathrooms, for $20 to $30. Triple rooms are $30 to $36, and single rooms are $10 to $15, depending on if you want a private bathroom.


Prices for hostels can range quite a bit based on what kind of room you want to book. For example, the most expensive hostel room available online was at the Hostal Aramayo, where a room with a twin bed, and queen bed, and an attached bathroom cost $52 per night. But if you were to opt for a single bed, the price would be just $10 a night.

Here are some of prices ranges you can expect for hostels based on your preferred room type:

Hostal AramayoAvenida Regimiento Chichas 230, Tupiza, Bolivia

  • $52 for a twin bed and queen bed and an attached bathroom
  • $42 for four twin beds and a shared bathroom
  • $16 for a single bed and an attached bathroom
  • $10 for a single bed

Hostal Valle HermosoAvenida Pedro Arraya, 478, 0001 Tupiza, Bolivia

  • $36 for three beds and a shared bathroom OR two beds with private bathroom
  • $25 for double bed with private bathroom
  • $12 for single bed in dormitory room

Refugio del TursitaAv. Santa Cruz 425, 9999 Tupiza, Bolivia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • $34 for four beds and a shared bathroom
  • $20 for two beds and a shared bathroom                                                                                 
  • $9 for a single bed in a dormitory room

Areas and Neighborhoods in Tupiza

Tupiza is bisected by the Tupiza River, with accommodations available on either bank, so you will want to make sure that you know which side of the river your lodging is before booking. 

The main city center, marketplace, and bus and train stations located on the west side, so if accessibility to transport and street life is your priority you will want to book a room on the west bank. But if you are looking for a true rustic experience that makes you feel part of the landscape, you may opt for the east side. 

Below is a list of some of the highest-rated accommodations available on both sides of the river to help you make you selection.

West Side – Hotels

Hotel Mitru,  Av. Chichas 187, 9999 Tupiza, Bolivia

Hotel Mitru is actually operated by the sample people who run Tupiza Tours, so if you can afford it this is an ideal option for those interested in touring during their time here. It is conveniently located 650 feet from the train station, 1500 feet from the bus station, and a block from the main square. Its central location provides guests easy access to restaurants, bars, markets, and plazas for sightseeing.

The hotel offers much in the way of ambiance and convenience, with a garden, pool, and terrace, and even its own café, restaurant, and snack bar. Guests can enjoy a games room on site as well.

All rooms at this hotel include free WiFi and breakfast. Prices for Hotel Mitru range from $26 to $70 for a room.

El Grano de Oro Hotel, Avenida Pedro Arraya, Tupiza, Bolivia

For those who want to be close to the water, El Grano de Oro Hotel is the place for you. Located right next to Tupiza River, several rooms feature a river view, something you will not get from any other hotels in the area. Another unique amenity is that every room includes a seating area, so you have extra space to stretch out and store your belongings.

The hotel is conveniently located within a block of the bus station and easy walking distance from many restaurants and plazas. Guest can book walking or bike tours from the front desk, which is open 24 hours a day.

Prices for rooms at El Grano de Oro Hotel range from $25 to $50. These include free WiFi, breakfast, and a flat-screen TV, and all rooms come with a terrace or patio and a view.

East Side – Hotels

La Casa del Baron o Baron`s House Hotel Heritage, Calle Uruguay y Puerto Rico, Tupiza 0591 Bolivia

For a true taste of Tupiza’s rustic history, you will want to check out La Casa del Baron o Baron`s House Hotel Heritage. This is actually the only true hotel located on the east side of the river and is secluded at the end of Calle Uruguay y Puerto Rico at the foot of the red rock hills. Its architecture is straight out of the Spanish Colonial past, with a red clay tile roof and arched passageways.

Within its walls La Casa de Baron o Baron offers free WiFi, an in-house restaurant, a bar and lounge area, live music performances, movie nights, and yoga classes. Off site, you can participate in horseback, bicycle, and walking tours organized by the hotel. Children’s activities are also available for family travellers. You can even bring your pets, free of charge, as long as you mention this in advance.

While listed as a hotel on many sites, it is also available to book via AirBnB, and it’s availability is actually more open through that site than regular booking sites. For two people your stay starts at $25 a night and there is a discount if you book for a full week or more. There is an additional cost for children or more than 2 guests.

West Side – Hostels

Hostal Valle Hermoso, Avenida Pedro Arraya, 478, 0001 Tupiza, Bolivia

For a hostel experience that also provides easy access to tours, you should try the Hostal Valle 

Hermoso. Not only do they provide expected services such as cable TV and breakfast, the owners also run a tour company that offers jeep tours around the south of Bolivia and even to Uyuni. Tours are easily book at the front desk of the hostel.

This hostel provides 24-hour front desk service and is very close to both the bus and train stations, 950 feet and 600 feet, respectively. Room cost between $10 and $36, can sleep up to 3, and each feature a balcony with either a mountain or inner courtyard view. Free WiFi and breakfast are included in the price of every room.

Hostal Aramayo, Avenida Regimiento Chichas 230, Tupiza, Bolivia

Located very near the city center, Hostal Aramayo offers a green paradise in the middle of Tupiza with its lush garden and courtyard. It is easy walking distance to multiple restaurants and is only about a block away from the Mercado Antonio Gilduran, where you can pick up meat and produce if you’d like to cook at the hostel.

Rooms range in price from $10 for a single bed to $52 for a family room that sleeps up to four. Something to note when booking a room here is that some rooms do not come with private bathrooms, so you will want to double check if your room includes that amenity when making your selection.

East Side – Hostels

If exploring Tupiza’s landscape is your prime objective, you will probably want to consider staying in a hostel on the east side of the river. These two hostels, Hostal Butch Cassidy and Hostal Los Salares, are designed with the explorative traveller in mind. They are located in close proximity to the red rock hills and Hostal Los Salares is even run by a tour group, which will enable you to join any expedition with ease.

Hostal Butch Cassidy, Avenida Jose Luis San Juan Garcia S/N, Tupiza, Bolivia

As suggested by its name, Hostal Butch Cassidy channels the rugged Wild West. Located on the eastern shore of the Tupiza River, it does not offer the almost-instant accessibility to bus and train stations and markets as the lodgings on the west side. Instead, it provides a quiet respite from the city, closely surrounded by hills and canyons.

But don’t feel that you will be isolated if you choose to stay here. It is only a ten-minute walk to the center of the city, and you can pick up a quick drink or snack from the convenience store located on the property. The front desk is also open 24/7 so you can come to the staff at any time with questions or concerns. Additional amenities include free WiFi, breakfast, and reliable hot showers.

Rooms range in price from $25 to $33, and can sleep up to 3. With some rooms you will get a mountain view and private bathroom as well.

Hostal Los Salares, Barrio Chajrahuasi Calle Paraguay s/n, Tupiza, Bolivia

Like Hostal Butch Cassidy, a stay at Hostal Los Salares makes you feel at one with the landscape of Tupiza. With its primary-color scheme, you cannot miss the hostel perched against its red rock backdrop. Situated only a block for Hostal Butch Cassidy, it too is a ten minute-walk from the city center so you should know that you will be on the outskirts of city life if you stay here.

Aside from its picturesque location, a major perk of Hostal Los Salares is that it is owned by Turistur Los Salares, a popular tour company that operates tours to all of southern Bolivia’s prime destinations. So, if you are particularly interested in touring, this hostel may be perfect for you as you can work with the same group of people for both lodging and tour planning.

Room here range from $18 to $37, and sleep up to 4. All include breakfast and free WiFi. Most rooms include a terrace and mountain view, which is ideal for those who especially want to get lost in the scenery.

AirBnBs and Alternative Options


There are currently 18 properties listed on AirBnB in Tupiza, including multiple listings at La Casa de Baron o Baron, Hotel Mitru, and several hostels. Private homes offer rooms starting at $10 for a private room and $10 for a shared room. There is currently one entire apartment available for around $30 a night.

Alternative Options

If you happen to travel via RV or camper, you can set up on the property of La Casa del Baron o Baron`s House Hotel Heritage. You can book a space here either by contacting the owners directly or via AirBnB.

Many tours do take you overnight, so you will want to keep this in mind when booking any lodging, as you will not want to book a room if you will actually be staying out with your tour.

What are the Best Places to Stay for Couples?

While you can find a room for two anywhere, some places give off a more romantic, intimate vibe than others. Below is a list of hotels and hostels that have been rated highly by previous travellers for couples in particular.

Hotel La Torre, Avenida Chichas 220, 9999 Tupiza, Bolivia

This center-city hotel comes with a very high rating for couples. Its prime location is ideal for those who want to explore the city by foot as it is in within a few blocks of multiple restaurants, plazas, bars, and the bus station. The train station is only 3 and a half blocks away.

The hotel is unique in that it allows guests access to a shared kitchen, and as it is easy walking distance from the Mercado Antonio Gilduran, this offers couples the opportunity to enjoy a home cooked meal with ingredients purchased from the market.

Hotel La Torre is another place that is run by a tour company, La Torre Tours, so for couples looking to spend time on excursions this is a convenient option.

Double rooms start at $20, for a double bed with a shared bathroom, and go up to $30 for a room with a double bed, private bathroom, and flat-screen TV. All rooms come with free WiFi and breakfast.

Anexo Mitru, Av. Avaroa 245, 9999 Tupiza, Bolivia

This guesthouse is another highly rated choice for couples. Its amenities include free WiFi, a terrace, sundeck, garden, and a view of the mountains. A special perk is that you can use the nearby Hotel Mitru’s swimming pool, for a small additional fee. 

It is conveniently located directly across the street from the train station and less than 1,500 feet from the bus station, so you can sleep in a bit before catching your transportation out of town. It is also less than a block from the Parque Central for easy strolling. The free buffet breakfast is highly recommended by guests as well. 

And, as a guesthouse, it offers a less expensive alternative to nearby hotels, such as the Hotel Mitru, for an enjoyable couples’ experience (Hotel Mitru is also very highly rated as a couples’ destination; details are provided above). Prices for two-person rooms include WiFi and range from $18 to $38. Eighteen dollars will get you and your partner a room with two twins beds and a shared bathroom, and $38 will get a large room with a double bed, private bathroom, and mountain view. 

What are the Best Places to Stay for Families?

If price is the most important consideration, a stay in a Tupiza hostel may be your best bet. Hostels offer an inexpensive option for families, as some contain up to 4 beds per room so you will not have to book multiple rooms. Also, with the shared kitchen space, you won’t have to worry about a hotel serving food your child doesn’t like, as you will be able to cook on your own.

For those kids who like to get into nature, La Casa del Baron o Baron is an ideal stop to stayThe homestay offers children’s activities as well as outdoor activities you can participate in as a family such as horseback riding and bicycle tours.

You can also park an RV or camper on its property, so that may make life easier for parents who do not want to worry about lugging everyone’s belongings in and out of hotel rooms.

For families wanting to stay within the center of the city, you may want to opt for Hotel Mitru. With its numerous amenities and outdoor spaces such as the pool, garden, and snack bar, kids will find plenty to do with having to leave the property.

What are the Best Places to Stay as a Solo Traveller?

Hostels or guesthouses are, as a group, the most affordable options for solo travellers. Some single rooms start at less than $10 a night. These options are also designed to accommodate backpackers and those travelling at odd hours so their front desks tend to be open 24 hours a day, which will make anyone travelling alone feel safe upon arrival, and you will know that someone is on duty at all time throughout your stay.

With their shared living spaces, hostels and guesthouses provide solo travellers opportunities to meet fellow travellers, and potentially others who are alone too, so this can be great chance to share of tips and information, and possibly the form a group to set out with on your next adventure. Hostel staff are also a great resource for solo travellers, as they are accustomed to this kind of explorative guest and can provide directions and any other important information about the city.

Past solo travellers have also recommended hostels as a great cost saver because you may be able to negotiate your price down from the one listed. In addition, since hostels provide access to kitchens for their guests, you can save money by purchasing fresh ingredients from the local markets and cooking at “home,” rather than eating out for every meal.

How and Where to Book

Most hotels mentioned here are available to be booked online via popular travel sites such as and Tripadvisor. Some, though, are listed on these sites but are not available to book. The site will advise you on how to book a room here, which in most cases will be to contact the hotel or hostel directly.

Several hotels, hostels, and homestays showed up on AirBnB as well, so this is another option to find lodging in Tupiza.

How Far in Advance Should I Book My Room in Tupiza?

According to booking websites, rooms at hostels are pretty limited if you are trying to book for the next month or two. So it is recommended that you book your stay as far in advance as possible if you are particular about which place you want to stay and in what kind of room. 

But if you are flexible about the location and room type, you should not have too much of a problem finding a room by walking around town. Since most hotels and hostels are quite close together, you won’t have to search far and wide for a place to sleep.

Many places also offer free cancellation, so there is no harm in booking your desired room far in advance, as you will be able to change your plans closer to your day of arrival.

Where Will I be Safest Staying in Tupiza?

Tupiza, and Bolivia in general, are viewed as quite safe for travellers, and this has been confirmed by people who have been there. But of course, as with any poor or foreign country you should be aware of your surrounding and what you are taking with you that could attract attention, i.e., don’t carry around expensive camera equipment in the open.

Since almost all hotels and hostels provide 24/7 front desk service, you should feel quite safe staying in Tupiza, no matter which place you choose. That being said, since many rooms are shared and/or have shared bathrooms, you should be sure to keep an eye on your belongings even within the premises of your lodging.

Ready to Make Your Choice?

No matter where you choose to stay in Tupiza, know that you are as close as you can be to experiencing the traditional life of a Bolivian native. While you may not get to eat at a 5-star restaurant or enjoy the comfort of goose-down pillows, you will feel more fulfilled by knowing that you are participating in the culture and history of this place that will be your home, if only for a little while.