The 10 Best Books to Learn Spanish

Are you looking for the best books to learn Spanish? I have to tell you that you can find both textbooks and novels to learn Spanish. In this article I want to show you which are the best reading books to learn Spanish no matter what level you have.

If you have a low or intermediate level and you still don’t dare to read books of literature in Spanish, I’m going to recommend some graduate reading that can help you get started and feel more confident.

Novels to learn Spanish level A1

I know that it is difficult to find reading books to learn basic Spanish, so I want to show you two books of this level that will make your learning of Spanish more enjoyable. If you like suspense, I recommend “Amnesia”: an easy to read book with cultural and linguistic elements suitable for learning Spanish at level A1.

If you prefer to read a book related to Latin America, I recommend the book “Guantanameras”, a story between two twin sisters who meet again in Cuba after many years without seeing each other.

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Level A2

If you like literature and want to know more about some Hispanic writers, “Garcia Marquez. Una realidad mágica” is the perfect book to expand your knowledge about this great Colombian writer and to continue advancing your level of Spanish.
With this book you will not only improve your Spanish, but also learn more about one of the best and most recognized Hispanic writers.

“A Chinese Story” is a more up-to-date book adapted to level A2. I recommend it among the 10 best books to learn Spanish because it combines topicality and friendliness. Roberto decides to help a young man, who he has just met, to find his family. That’s Jun, a Chinese man who has just arrived in Argentina and who doesn’t speak Spanish. They will make a strange friendship.

The truth is that it is not a book that will go down in history, but it is very well adapted to the level and the story will hook you.

Best books to learn Spanish B1 level

If you want to read a crime novel because it’s your favorite genre without having to stop studying Spanish, “Calle Mayor, 10” is the book you’ve been looking for.
This book that I have chosen will take you through the streets of Madrid in a truly interesting story that will take you into the world of Jose, a tourist guide in Madrid. In addition, this book includes comprehension and audio activities.

If you are bored of reading stories and want to know a little more about the Spanish economy, the most famous companies in Spain and their history, I recommend you the book to learn Spanish “Empresas”.

It will be your guide to learn the most relevant aspects of all of them. You will also learn how some of the most international companies like “Zara” were founded.
This book is in both paper and digital format and I have included it among the 10 best books to learn Spanish because it is difficult to find interesting books that combine culture, society and learning.

Level B2

In this level I propose as a first reading the book “In August 77 you were born”.
The story tells a family secret that the son will try to discover and that is based on an important time for Spain: the Transition.
You will learn, besides the Spanish language, a little more about the recent history of Spain.

The next book that I have included among the 10 best books to learn Spanish is something more lively and tells the adventures of a peculiar boy, Tron, in a peculiar world.

“The adventures of Tron” is the ideal book to have a first contact with adventure books that are not adapted to the levels of Spanish and that you will be able to start reading in a very short time. With this book you will forget that you are learning Spanish and you will be immersed in a very interesting world.

The best books for levels C1 and C2

If you already have an advanced level of Spanish, you don’t really need to read adapted books.

With this level you can read Spanish language literature just like the natives do. But if you don’t feel ready to take that leap yet, here are two books you can read at level C1 and C2 respectively:

“The dead don’t like photography.” C1 level adapted book that tells the story of Alice in an atmosphere of mystery and suspense.

“The last novel”. Graduate book of level C2 that introduces the reader in a certain way to the story. But not in any way but by making him imagine what could have happened or what could come to happen. A very interesting book that I recommend if you want to read an advanced level book exclusively for students of Spanish as a foreign language.

I hope this collection of the best books to learn Spanish has helped you.
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