La Paz

The 4 Best La Paz, Bolivia Neighborhoods

If you’re wondering which are the best neighborhoods in La Paz, Bolivia, the 4 best neighborhoods in La Paz are:

  • El Rosario and Belen
  • Downtown
  • Sopocachi
  • Calacoto and San Miguel
La Paz, Bolivia Neighborhoods

Read on to find out more about which neighborhood you should choose for your trip to La Paz.

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El Rosario and Belen

In the central district of La Paz, El Rosario and Belén are the preferred neighborhoods for most tourists visiting the city.

On the west side of Mariscal Sucre Avenue, these neighborhoods concentrate a good part of the tourist infrastructure of La Paz, with several hotels and hostels, exchange houses and travel agencies, in addition to many attractions, such as the Church of San Francisco and the Witches’ Market.

The downside of staying there is that you’ll be right in the midst of La Paz’s chaos.

The streets are always very crowded, with heavy traffic, full of people, dirty and noisy. For those who stay for a short time and want to focus on the tourist attractions this doesn’t become a big problem. But if you’re more oriented to getting to know the city’s routine, it may not be the best option.

The best options are the Rosario La Paz Hotel and La Casona Hotel Boutique, which operate in colonial style houses. Another option is the Hotel Sagarnaga, which is affordable and is right in the heart of Sagarnaga Street.


On the other side of Mariscal Santa Cruz Avenue, in the center of La Paz is where the institutional buildings of the Government are, concentrated around Plaza Murillo. Next to the plaza, Jaén Street is the best preserved street with colonial architecture in La Paz.

Contrary to El Rosario and Belén, staying at the Center is not so practical for a tourist. At night, the center of La Paz empties out, leaving some streets deserted, since it has few residential buildings.

If you’re planning to stay in the center, I recommend Hotel Casa de Piedra, which is in the center, but very close to the Church of San Francisco. In Calle Jaén, Hostal Ananay is an interesting alternative for those looking for a hostel.



Sopocachi is located in the south of the city, fifteen minutes by car from the Center of La Paz.

The neighborhood is home to commercial buildings, banks, embassies and a wide variety of restaurants. At night, its streets and squares become a large bohemian center, with a concentration of pubs and nightclubs like no other corner of the city.

Sopocachi is, without a doubt, the best place to stay in La Paz for those who want to enjoy the city both day and night.

Located in the lowest part of the city, Sopocachi is a more charming, wooded and clean neighborhood than the center. There are many mansions, high-end apartments and, of course, hotels around here.

Despite being more expensive than the average of the central neighborhoods, Sopocachi gives you the opportunity to get to know the routine of the city with more tranquility.

The best options in Sopocachi are the Stannum hotel or the Hotel Mitru. The most economical alternatives are the Anami hotel, or the 3600 Hostel.

Calacoto and San Miguel

In the Southern Zone of La Paz, Calacoto and San Miguel are the main hotel neighborhoods in a region of the city rarely visited by tourists.

Both are formed by residential areas and their lodging options are more oriented to the long-term visitor.

In Calacoto, tourists can book at Ballivián Avenue, Camino Real Suites or Casa Grande Suites. Options in San Miguel are the Atix hotel or the Casa Grande Hotel, which has a spa, gym, bars and swimming pools.