16 Tips To Pack Your Bags For Bolivia

It doesn’t matter if you go on a weekend trip to the beach or a two-week vacation abroad. This is all you need to know to avoid going through stressful times when packing.

How to pack your suitcase for Bolivia

Start by making a luggage list

Although it is common to worry just before the trip about leaving something of utmost importance for the stay at your destination. Think about all the necessary aspects in all the scenarios of your trip, write them down in your cell phone notes and this way you will avoid the uncomfortable moment the day before your flight.

How to pack your clothes?

Avoid stains

Finding stains on light-coloured clothing on the way back from your trip can be very common. This can be avoided by packing all light clothing inside out, use hotel bathing caps to separate them in your suitcase and cover the soles of your shoes.

Roll up everything

Instead of folding your clothes, you can save a lot of space just by rolling them up. Do you need more space? Use the vacuum bags to get all the air out of your clothes and save almost half the space in your suitcase.

How to save space in your suitcase?

Your clothes in buckets

Another very good option when packing is to use the cube dividers where you can optimize even more space. Your luggage will be organized and you will be able to pack more if you do it correctly. You can find them in almost all travel shops.

Fill in the dead spaces

When it comes to packing, every inch is of potential use. Underwear, socks and all the little things you can put in your shoes with a bag or put products such as creams.

Staying “fresh

It is important that the clothes maintain a fresh smell, especially when the trip is very long. Get some of the deodorizers and anti-humidity tablets offered in almost all supermarkets.

How to pack electronic devices?

Ziplock bags

How to organize all the electronic devices, cables and that amount of gadgets that become a torture finding them? The most convenient is to buy a box of Ziplock bags and pack in each one the camera, chargers, adapters, headphones. Take a few extra bags to bring some wet clothes, liquids, keys, etc.

How to pack makeup?


To prevent your delicate makeup, foundation, highlighter or blush shadows from being broken by the vibration of the flight, put some cotton wool between the lid and the shadow. It prevents it from breaking.

Mini or travel size products

Why bring a 1 litre shampoo on your 3 day trip? Choose the travel size products or buy small refillable bottles, to put your favorite products.

How to pack books?

Don’t bring everything

Instead of packing all the books and photocopies you need to study or review some important topic during your trip, there are alternatives such as e-books. Amazon’s Kindle is one of the most complete and economical. This can save you up to 3 kilos.

What to do with valuables?

Use the empty bottles.

If you are at the beach and you have money and suddenly feel like going into the sea, you can use an empty bottle of sunscreen to leave your money and rings inside. You can also use an empty lipstick to roll the bills inside.

How to prevent spills?

Plastic film

When it comes to packing shampoo, moisturizer or any liquid, what we worry about most is that something will spill out and make a mess of our luggage. You can avoid this by removing all the caps from your bottles, adding a layer of plastic on top and closing them again, this will prevent any annoying spillage from occurring when changing position.

How to avoid baggage charges?

Weigh your luggage

Being sure of how much a suitcase or backpack weighs while packing, even if it seems cumbersome, is perhaps one of the decisions that can save you an extra-cost. Calculating the weight of your backpack with a luggage weight is also important to even know how much space you need for the return trip.

Start travelling lighter

Some older travel bags add a few extra pounds, so if you’re a frequent traveler and weight is starting to become a problem, it’s best to start considering switching to lighter luggage materials or even a backpack.

Recognize your luggage

The travel bag, can be identical to 3 other people on your flight. Use bows, colored stickers, strings, tags or any element that allows you to identify your suitcases at the distance between many other similar suitcases.

Valuables always in your hand luggage

Jewelry, money, passport, documents, medicines, electronics, and even a change of clothes should be in your hand luggage, in case your luggage is lost. Before you go to pack everything in your hand luggage, it is necessary to remember all the objects that are forbidden.

How do I save space in my backpack?

Organize your clothes by outfits.
Place the heaviest pieces at the bottom.
Prepare your survival kit (toilet and health), with containers less than 100ml.
Leave a free space for shopping or to store things in case your checked baggage has excess baggage.