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Is There Uber in La Paz, Bolivia?

Is There Uber in La Paz, Bolivia?

Whether you want to cross El Prado, take a walk around San Miguel, or simply discover new places in the city, in just minutes and at the touch of a button on your cell phone, your driver will be ready to take you safely to your favorite places.

So is there Uber in La Paz, Bolivia? Yes, there is Uber in La Paz, Bolivia. Uber fares have a Base rate of BS 4, Minimum rate of BS 10, and Per minute rate of BS 0.40. Uber is one of the safest ways of getting around in La Paz.

How do I ask for an Uber in La Paz, Bolivia?

To request a private driver, you only need to download the Uber app on your smartphone. After registering, simply enter the location where you want to be picked up.

The new Uber app, Uber Lite, was created with the aim of being used by more people, so they can move around whenever they need to. And now, as we will show you below, with Uber Lite this will be even easier.

Uber Lite a lighter version of the usual Uber app, which works on any Android phone. It takes up very little space, uses less data and has even been designed to work in areas of low connectivity. This is perfect if you’re on a data roaming plan since it reduces data usage.

If you already know how the Uber app works, learning how to use this new app will not be a problem. And, if you haven’t used it yet, learning how to use it will be very easy. You will see that Uber Lite allows you to request your trips quickly and easily. This new Uber app further simplifies the process so that any user can request a trip through Uber in four easy steps.

This new application, because it takes up less space does not have all the features of the usual version. Still, the experience is very similar. Besides, you should know that Uber Lite does not replace the app you already knew. It is an alternative version for those who for some reason cannot use or install the usual app on their cell phone.

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What are the main advantages of using Uber Lite?

This new Uber app has many more advantages than you think. Do you want to know them? Here we tell you about them:

It takes up very little space on your cell phone

The difference is noticeable from the moment of downloading it as it is a light application, it occupies only 5 MB, equivalent to three selfies. In addition, it is specially designed to work on most Android devices.

Uses less data

If you’re short on data, ordering a trip won’t be a problem – it uses up to 80% less data than similar apps!

You can use it with a weak signal

Uber’s new app has the advantage that it can be used in areas of very low connectivity or where you have almost no signal. This will give you the confidence that you can request a trip through Uber whenever and wherever you need it.

It is very easy to use

Uber Lite is a simpler version of Uber: much easier to use. It seems impossible, doesn’t it? In just four steps you can request a trip and move to where you need to go.

Helps you get situated

The app detects your location, so there is practically no need to write anything. Likewise, choosing your destination is as easy as touching a button, since you can select a point of interest nearby.

The more you use it, the easier it is to order your trips

The more you use the app, the smarter and more independent it becomes. It saves the main places in the city and your most common destinations, so that it always shows them to you first and even without being connected to the Internet.

Maps are optional

Also, with the idea of keeping the app always light and fast, the maps are not loaded automatically. Still, they are always available to you at the touch of a button.

What are you waiting for to enjoy Uber Lite? Now that you know how the new Uber app works, all you have to do is download it and join this new easy and simple way to travel around the city, with the confidence and peace of mind of your old Uber app.

3 Tips For Safe Travel using Uber in La Paz

Respect the speed limit

Avoid rushing the driving and remind him/her to respect the regulations.

Seat belts save lives

Since it reduces up to 75% the risk of death in the event of a road incident. And no matter where you are, everyone in the car should buckle up.

Correct use is by crossing the belt across the chest and collarbone and the lower part at hip level, below the abdomen.

Getting on and off

Getting on and off should be at points that are not on main or busy avenues and on the sidewalk. Make sure that there are no risks when opening the door. This is one of the most common incidents for cyclists.

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