Getting Around, Potosi

How To Get To Potosi, Bolivia

The best way to get to Potosi from any city in Bolivia is by bus. From nearby cities, you can also take shared taxis to get to Potosi.

How To Get To Potosi, Bolivia

Potosi has a “New Bus Terminal” that is located about 20 minutes by “micro” (public transportation) from the historic center.

The old bus terminal is still in use, but mainly for buses to Uyuni.

From the New Terminal in Potosi, you can take a bus for 1,50 bolivianos to the center (there are several lines that take you there. If you leave the terminal through the main door you must cross the street and almost any of the buses will take you to the historical center).

You can also take a cab for about 6 bolivianos.

Here's a list of the best hotels in Potosi.

Getting To Potosi By Bus

From La Paz to Potosi

There are several companies that cover the route from La Paz to Potosi in about 10 hours during the night (departures 20.30h and 22h usually).

Some companies that cover this route are El Dorado or Trans Copacabana and the price goes from $10 to $18 depending on the company and the type of seat you choose (normal, semi-bed, bed).

From Sucre to Potosi

The trip from Sucre to Potosi takes about 4 hours and the price of the ticket is around 20 bolivianos. There are several companies that cover this route, so I recommend you go directly to the terminal in Sucre and buy your ticket there to get the best rate.

One of the companies that provides this service is El Dorado.

From Oruro to Potosi

The trip from Oruro to Potosi takes approximately 6 hours by bus and the price range goes from 33 bolivianos to 70 bolivianos.

Some of the companies that cover this route are San Miguel, Trans Azul, Pullman Bus or Bustillo.

From Tupiza to Potosi

The trip from Tupiza to Potosi is about 7 hours and the price is around 50 bolivianos.

Check at the bus terminal in Tupiza for schedules and companies, one of which makes the journey is Pullman Bus.

From Santa Cruz de la Sierra to Potosi

The trip from Santa Cruz to Potosi takes about 23 hours and the companies make a stop in the city of Cochabamba for about 3 hours before continuing at night Potosi. The price is between $19 to $25 and some of the companies that make this route are Trans Copacabana and El Dorado.

From Uyuni to Potosi

The trip from Uyuni to Potosi takes about 3 hours on a road in good condition and the price is around 50 Bolivianos.

Shared Taxis To Potosi

Another option is the “colectivo cabs” which are nothing more or less than cars that offer their service to Potosi for about 40 bolivianos and go much faster than the buses.

However, they do not have a departure time. They only leave when they are full (4 passengers).

For more information about transportation and land connections in Bolivia you can enter the official web of Tourism Information of Bolivia.